Rates & FAQ2024-03-07T07:01:38+00:00

Rates & FAQ

Rates & FAQ

How much do you charge?2024-03-07T07:03:35+00:00

135.00 to $180.00 for 50 minute individual Session.

Do you take insurance?2024-03-07T07:05:04+00:00

We accept direct billing for Blue Cross Members.

Where is your office located?2024-03-07T07:06:47+00:00

In-person appointments at 17 King St, Trenton Ontario. Online session available.

Do you offer online counseling?2024-03-07T07:07:24+00:00

Online therapy is available for those residing in Canada.

What are your hours?2024-03-13T22:19:18+00:00

Hours vary from clinician to clinician. We recommend speaking with the desired clinician regarding the hours provided.

How long are sessions?2023-07-13T07:30:26+00:00

50 Minutes Individual Session

80 Minute Individual Session

30-minute tune-up session

How do I set up an initial appointment?2024-03-07T07:09:40+00:00
What is your cancellation policy?2023-07-13T07:30:48+00:00

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all cancellations; if a cancellation is made in less the 24 hours, you will be charged for your session.

How much paperwork do I have to fill out?2023-07-13T07:31:17+00:00

Once you are booked and scheduled for an intake session, intake forms will be sent directly to your email. The forms can be filled out online. The forms should take no more than 4 minutes. Please read through them carefully.

What can I expect in a first session?2023-07-13T07:31:46+00:00

The intake session is a time for you and the therapist to get to know each other, as well as go through a variety of questions that help your therapist create an understanding of your goals, history and create a clear focus on past and present concerns informing the clinician as to the direction to take in the counselling process.

Payment options, ethical concerns, and policies will be reviewed during the intake session. This helps both the client and clinicians to know what to expect.

Once the intake session is completed, clinicians and clients will discuss the necessary frequency of the sessions.

What is your approach?2023-07-13T07:31:54+00:00

My approach focuses on getting to the root cause of your anxiety and the feeling of overwhelment. I work with you to identify triggers and patterns that keep you stuck on the merry-go-round. By addressing the root cause, I help create lasting changes in how you experience life. Imagine waking up feeling a sense of ease, knowing you have regained control of your life, feeling a sense of confidence to move forward and allowing overwhelming feelings to occur but not take over.

How long will it take?2023-07-13T07:32:02+00:00

It’s not about how long it will take, it’s about getting what you need. The length of time spent in therapy will differ for all individuals; if you are ready to leave therapy at some point, we will have that discussion.

Will I have homework?2024-03-07T07:11:00+00:00

Therapeutic work is entirely up to you and what you want to gain from your self-investment.

How often will we need to have a session?2023-07-13T07:32:39+00:00

Depending on your needs and time spent together, we will discuss the frequency of sessions. Typically weekly to begin so, we can build trust and understanding and develop a sense of who you are and what you need.

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